Sunday, February 28, 2010

How do I know if I’m a lesbian or not?

How do I know if I’m a lesbian or not?
Lesbians are women who are attracted to other women. This can be a physical attraction, emotional attraction or sexual attraction. If you’re a woman attracted to women, you might be a lesbian. Or you might be bisexual or you might simply be a straight women who is attracted to a friend. It may take you some time to determine which one you are.

Some women claim to have known from a very early age that they were lesbian, or at least knew that there was something “different” about themselves. Others don’t come out until their forties, fifties and even later, after having spent years in a heterosexual marriage. Whatever your situation, what is most important is that you’re taking the time now to try and figure it out and get to know yourself better.
Is lesbianism normal?
Lesbianism is normal for lesbians. You cannot determine who you are attracted to any more than you can determine the color of your eyes.

Get wild and dirty

When some people think about lesbians, they think of this beautiful thing. Two delicate, perfect creatures in unison, to form the most soft, quiet bond there is.

Not me.
I don't cut my hair short, and I don't weark spikes or collars. But it me, it's not good unless it's rough. I don't want some flowery little princess who gives me soft kisses. I want a bitch who'll bite my throat, and moan my name to the ceiling. One who's not afraid to get wild and dirty, because she knows that's what makes it fun.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a masochist. I'm not even a sadist. But it's just not real sex otherwise. You need adventure. Excitement. It's all about the thrill of the moment, whether it's frenzied screams in the throes of an orgasm, or a hot, slick tongue sliding into a place you didn't even know existed.

Call me messed up if you will. I don't really give a damn. Because unless you've been there, unless you've had that passionate, intense, and impossibly sexy relationship... you don't know what a lesbian is.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Coming Out...?

Coming out is difficult. Coming out to people that we know and love is even harder. More often than not, it brings two people closer together. Hiding your sexuality from someone you love creates space in your relationship; it is a large secret to keep. But not everyone will be so accepting. There is always a risk involved in coming out.
But at the end of the day, I’d rather people hate me for who I am rather than love me for what I am not.
It must be acknowledged that when you tell your parents that you are gay or lesbian, your risk losing their role in your life. In making the decision to come out to your family, you must be okay with the possibility of this unlikely outcome. For this reason, it helps to build a network of support from close friends. You may need it.

Let’s be real: There is no ideal time to tell your parents that you are gay or lesbian. If you’re waiting for the ideal time, you’ll be waiting forever. There are, of course, some times that are better than others. Coming out during a fight, for example, is not productive. I think it is wisest to come out when things are quiet, tempers are muted and there is plenty of time to talk.

But how do you know if that time is now? I can’t answer that question for you. Some people, come out when they are 17. Some people come out when they are 14. Others come out when they are 40. Some people never come out.

When the time is right, you’ll know it. The circumstances may never be ideal, but you’ll feel it in your heart.
And always remember that there are many resources to help you, and many people to support you. You are not alone.

Just a typical day walk down the street

Oh look, there's Mrs and Mrs Obeesay. They're such nice people. And make lovely lemon pie. Oh look, they let me have some.

Ah, Mrs and Mrs Yoori. They have pretty books and animes. I should return that one I borrowed on my way back.

Can't leave out Mrs and Mrs Fanicion. Noo. They could get famous with their writing one day.

Mrs and Mrs Wyntyn, just as busy as ever I see. I shouldn't disturb th- you can do that?!

Ahha, one of my favorite neighbors. Mrs and Mrs Diyuke. I should Jill to teach me how to ride her bike. Oh I wonder how Jane does her hair..

Well, time to go home...

"Hey babe, I'm home!"
"Ahhh! Good! You're just in time! Dinner's ready!"
"Thanks honey, I'll be in there after I clean up. Oh and babe?"
"Hmmm? Sup?"
"I love you!"
"I love you too. Now go get clean and get'cha ass to the table."
"Yes dear."


Can I ?

I cant sit here and pretend that nothings wrong
Can I?
I cant pretend that I don't mind
Can I?
I cant tell u I don't mind if u date that guy
Can I?
I cant tell you that I'm mad
Can I?
I cant tell you why
Can I?

Even if you don't notice
I cant tell you can I?
You wont notice
You never notice
I will just go
You will forget me
But I will never forget you

'couse I Love You

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Oh Boy...

Ow boy.. I used to like u but I thought u're a gay bcause u didn't even see me.. Now u say u love me, when I'm so sure that I am gay.. *emank kita ga jodoh* Wkwkwkwkwk.....

You Broke My Heart

Every single fucking day.
You tell me that you love me.
But you broke my heart.

There are still holes left in my soul.
Some pieces of me will never be restored.
Nothing will ever change the way I feel.
We've known each other forever.
And if it weren't for your infidelity,
I would've stayed here with you,
For the rest of my life.
But you made a mistake.
Now you have to live with it.
You aren't my soulmate.
I wonder if soulmates even exist.

I hope like hell that true love is real.
All the time.

Love Means Slowly Losing Your Mind

Pernah enggak jadi nekat bahkan cenderung kehilangan akal sehat hanya dikarenakan rasa cinta? Mungkin kamu nggak nyadar. Tapi banyak kejadian di luar kebiasaan dilakukan oleh seseorang yang dimabuk asmara. Lebih-lebih bagi perempuan yang sering kali dikendalikan perasaan.

Jadi kurang fokus dengan keadaan. Lagi-lagi, hormon dalam tubuh kita ikut campur. Menurut penelitian, zat kimia ini yang mengaburkan akal sehat. Selanjutnya membolak-balik emosi dan memacu tindakan-tindakan yang bisa dikatakan sia-sia.

Keinginan untuk selalu berdekatan kadang bisa membuat seseorang seperti psiko yang membayangi korbannya. Puluhan sms tiap hari. Telphon berjam-jam padahal baru aja ketemu. Zat kimia bernama dopamine tadilah yang menimbulkan rasa kangen luar biasa. Parahnya, saat si dia nggak selalu available, orang tersebut bisa frustasi dan tanpa sadar melakukan tindakan-tindakan untuk menarik perhatian.

Selain itu, kadang saat seseorang merasa terpanah asmara, orang tersebut mulai mengkhayalkan kehidupan bersama (beli rumah, tinggal barsama, dll). Khayalan ini membuat orang tersebut buru-buru mengambil tindakan, yang bisa-bisa membuat pasangan ketakutan.

Selain itu, zat ini juga bertanggung jawab atas rasa curiga berlebih dan cemburu membabi buta. Saat dopamine meningkat, dan serotonin (hormon yang berpengaruh pada ketenangan) turun drastis, cortisol (hormon stress) mulai menjungkir-balikkan akal sehat.

Nah, jangan heran kalo sampe orang yang cinta kamu menjadi aneh dan tolol... Dan bagi yang sedang kasmaran, kuasai diri, and be your self galz!

Monday, February 22, 2010

I believe

I believe in love, in beauty, in the deep eyes of a deep soul, in silence, in dreams, in life.
I believe in words and in blue skies, in the raining days and in darkness nights.
I believe in the beauty of anyone and in the look of truth that you take in your inside.
I believe in poets when they suffer or smile, in days of happiness and in the look of a child.
In tears on the sea, hands on a skin, in wild horses on a field, in books of unreal true stories, in the possibility of change and in the importance of some memories.
I believe in silence in a conversation, in the power of earth as a nation,
I believe in helping and in inspiration, in the sweet and soft light has a friends relation.
I believe in the moment you stop, in your imagination, in poets talking to something, in order against a mess, in a beautiful white dress.
I believe in something new when the sun goes down, in flowers sleeping at nights, in poems at five o clock, in the strength of innocence, in the thing we do has its consecuence.
In water for everyone, in bodies naked under clothes, in take and share, in make mistakes, in forgiveness, riversides, in for ever and sometimes.
I believe in a broken, happy, jumper, not empty heart, as soft as strong, sometimes right and sometimes wrong.
In being ourselves, in having friends, taking a chance and something else.
In loneliness in our room, in open windows, breakfast on bed, in feeling at home overseas mother earth.
I believe in the hands of my mother, in the sheet that covers my feet, in the last to go, in having some more, in it is enough, in I do it now and not later, in a white one day newspaper.
In the morning at night, in "Hello" on my phone, in the things you do well in the roses smell.
I believe in you, do you believe in me? Thankyou...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Love Letter

I'm sailing on a sea of red, kissing black holes and having conversations with coffee cups.
Jotting notes with erasers on napkins and killing idealism with blanks.
Lovers like us die slowly, drowning in committment.
Stubble above a quivering lip lashing across the table aiming for a heart.
But what is "dead" anyway?
I'm being smothered by a self-replicating system, voice activated.
Black nail polish caressing rotten teeth I'll grind this perfume bottle into your throat and leave you choking on pheromones.
Kiss the heroin off my lips, lover.
I need you like an amputation.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Eunteung Katineung

Layung koneng namperkeun katineung
duriat geus mangsana manjangan,
jungjunan nyangsaya nyarandekeun hate
teu wasa, ngelemeng kasaput simpe
ngagerihan, muntang hariwang
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